Who is tehMorag?

Back In 2005, after high school, I had no idea what I wanted to be or do. This was the same feeling that some friends had, so we decided to move in with each other. In that time I have worked in technical departments of retail (general electronics, cell phones, computers, etc.) and have worked my way up to management. As of July 2013, I have stepped down to part time to pursue streaming with the free time.

Let's talk about what I do for my free time, or rather, what I have been doing with it. I have never seen retail as a life job that I would retire from or enjoy long term. This means I went out and forced my self to see what else was out there.

  • Video/Filming editing
  • Video commentary
  • Web hosting
  • Game server hosting
  • Linux basics (command line)
  • Website back-end packages
  • Website front-end editing
  • Online project manager
  • Web broadcasting

Looking at that list, it really doesn't feel like a lot. But with a bunch of these skills I have been able to do many things for my self. I could see myself being happy with a few of these being a job -- But Web Broadcasting was by far the most enjoyable.

Streaming wasn't the first form of online media I used. Few years back I had started a YouTube channel where I practices some different types of shows/editing. All credits goes to Raocow for inspiring me. I had enjoyed it enough to where I did it for about 3 years. During this time I did dabble with streaming but I ended up running into a problem with my self; I am a stickler for quality. With a so-so computer and not that great upload speed, I had decided to just continue making videos for YouTube.

A few years later, I found Twitch. I do not remember what had brought me to the site but I do remember MANvsGAME and LethalFrag as some of my first channels I followed. After watching these 2 amazing streamers, I knew it could and had to be done. I was going to get back to streaming.

I went out and researched the parts needed for a computer and built it. Rearranged my room in to a makeshift studio and sent a message to streamers asking for some advice. I was very happy to get some replies back and I acted on them now bringing me to today. Having been streaming almost every day since June 13th 2012, I have been happy with my progress and will continue down this path enjoying every minute of it.

What keeps me going? I enjoy talking with people (problems and all), finding a way to solve things creatively, sharing my experiences with everyone, and the community. That is why I love streaming and why I will continue it for a long time. Regardless if I can turn this into something I can live off of, it is the experiences that push me forward to continue.

-Scott "tehMorag" Hellyer