There are many ways you can support the stream but even the willingness to check this page out, you have helped <3

Besides watching the stream (lurking or chatting), telling a friend or family, or just thinking about the stream, there are a few other ways to help my self and tehPlayerhood.


On Twitch, you can Subscribe to the channel for $4.99/mth. A the cost is split with Twitch and my self. This will get you some fancy emotes and extras perks on the Player Portal!


If you are looking to directly support, extras in the way of tips are always loved.


Buy anything on the internet?
Use any of the sites before? Well, if you do, you can help the stream! By using these links first, at no extra cost, you help support the stream.

How does it work?
These companies give me a % of the profit they make from the purchase you make. I am essentially getting you to use their site by word-of-mouth advertising.
Don't use their site? That is okay! But if you do, make sure to come and use these links first! :)

Affiliate Links

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