Moola is here
What is this Moola I keep hearing about? You have come to the right place to learn all about it!
Moola is a in community point/currency system that is built to give supporters more ways to interact with the community and tehMorag.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Twitch

  • Online: 1 Moola every 10 min
  • Offline/hosting: 2 Moola every 10 min
  • Subscribing to the channel: 500 Moola on Payday
  • Live Moola Multiplier: More subs, more Moola!
  • Ad Moola: Watch ads, get Moola
  • Random events: Deaths, Made up challenges, ect.

In the Community

Seen in Twitch/Discord Chat
These features will interact with tehBot in Twitch Chat and Discord.
These features will let you show off your self or more way to communicate with your friends.

Game Maps
Played/made by tehMorag
Any maps/saves tehMorag has played will be added to this list
Be seen on the stream
These will let you interact with the stream in some way.
× Player! Make sure to "Connect with Twitch" to use these features.


A custom personal welcome message that the bot will post when you come into the channel

  • Please keep it work safe :)
  • Will trigger once every 12 hours


A command only you can use on the bot

  • Please keep it work safe :)
  • Command will have a 30min cooldown


Get one of the BTTV emote spots for 2 weeks minimum!

  • Please keep it work safe :)
  • You must provide the emote pictures
  • This will only work in tehMorags chat
  • By submiting the Image, you are giving me permission to use it
  • You must be the copyright holder of the image submited
    (aka cant use twitch Emotes, aka Kappa in the emote)


A channel in the Playerhood Teamspeak that you will use for what ever you want

  • Up to 10 people
  • Ability to set permissions/passoword
  • No time limit


You will show up on the Players Live page when you are streaming

  • If bought, show up on list and will be on top.
  • If subbed, lasts as long as sub.


The Expert Yoyo Map for everyone to download


    The Expert Summoner Map for everyone to download


      The Expert Upside Down Map for everyone to download


        The Expert Traps only Map for everyone to download


          Latest Map Stardew Playerhood Farm


            Maps of crazy times in the void!

              Song request for the stream using Moola

                Who knew things could be so dirty

                  So many choices...

                    It is a mystery to everyone!

                      Party with all your favorite sayings!

                        Old Points -> New Moola

                        For Playerhood community members that have been around for a while, you know we had an old point system (Dec 2014 - May 2015). I would like to let you get ALL your Points and able to transfer it ALL over to Moola.

                        To add old Point system to your Moola...

                        Connect with Twitch